Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lil' Lion Beanie


- 1 Skein Red Heart Super Saver (Yellow)

- 1 Skein Bernat Boa Furs (Brown,any shade)

- Size 8 16” round needles

- Size 8 DPN’s

- Yarn Needle

UPattern – Icords (Make 2)

Cast on 3 stitches

Work in icord for 5-6 inches. To knit an icord cast on stitches. Without turning work slide stitches to opposite end of needle and knit all stitches. Continue until desired length is reached.

UTo make earflaps:

k1, kfb, k1



k all stitches for 6 rows. Leave on DPN and make second earflap.


Cast on 22 stitches. Knit across first dpn (10 stitches) to move earflaps to circular needle. Cast on an additional 22 stitches, repeat with second dpn. Place marker.

Knit in stockinette stitch for approximately 4-5 inches.


Row 1: k6,k2tog*

Row 2: k all stitches

Row 3: k5,k2tog*

Row 4: k all stitches

Row 5: k4,k2tog

Row 6: k all stitches

Row 7: k3,k2tog

Row 8: k all stitches

Row 9: k2, k2tog

Row 10 : k all stitches

Row 11: k1,k2tog

Row 12: K all stitches

Row 13: K2tog

Repeat row 13 until approximately 6 stitches remain. Thread working yarn through remaining live stitches and pull closed. Weave in ends.


Cast on 8 stitches.

Row 1, 3&5- K all

Row 2, 4&6- P all

Row 7- k2tog,k4,k2tog

Row 8- p all

Row 9- k2tog,k2,k2tog

Row10- p all

Row 11- K2tog*

Cast off and weave in ends. Attach ears to crown of hat, apprx 1 inch to either side of center using yarn needle.


Using dpn's or other size 8 needles, cast on 12 stitches. Work in stockinette stitch for approximately 10 inches. Bind off. Fold piece in half, seam together using yarn needle. Once it is sewn, attach up and around crown of hat just behind the ears. Weave in ends.

HUMake a pompomUH to attach to each icord using Bernat Boa Furs yarn. You’re done!

Flowered Baby Headband

Craft: Crochet & Knit


Hook Size: 5.5 mm (I)

1 Skein Bernat Felting Natural Wool in English Rose

1 Skein Berroco Comfort Chunky in Rosebud

Yarn Needle

Pattern – Band

Make a base chain of 11 stitches

Row 1: Using single crochet, sc into the second chain from hook. SC into each remaining stitch in chain, CH1 turn

Row 2: Single crochet into each stitch, ch1turn.

Repeat Row #2 until you have reach desired diameter for your/recipients head. In my case, it was approximately 18 inches and was sized to fit a 3 month old.

Pattern – Flower (knit)


This particular flower is knit, as I was in a time crunch and already had this made. I will also include a crochet pattern for the flower.

Cast on 4 sts (leaving 4-5" tail)

Row 1: (RS) Knit in front and back loop of first stitch (increasing one stitch), k3 (5sts).

Row 2: Knit in front and back loop of first stitch (increasing one stitch), p4 (6sts). (At same time, anchor tail thread by knitting/purling it along with 3-4 stitches.)

Row 3: Knit in front and back loop of first stitch (increasing one stitch), k5 (7sts).

Row 4: Knit in front and back loop of first stitch (increasing one stitch), p6 (8sts). Cut yarn and leave sts on needle, leaving 4-5" tail.

Make 4 more petals (casting on the first four sts on the needle holding the prior petals).
Do not cut the yarn after making the fifth petal.

Row 5: Join petals by knitting 40sts. (At same time, anchor tail threads by knitting them along with 3-4 stitches.)

Row 6: (P2tog) across (20 sts).

Row 7: (K2tog) across (10 sts).

Row 8: (p2tog, p3 tog, p2tog, p3tog) (4 sts).

Cut yarn leaving a 15-inch tail. Thread yarn onto tapestry needle and run through the four sts. Pull tight and anchor thread. Continue with same thread (on purl side) and sew open edges of 1st and 5th petal together loosely.

Pattern- Flower (Crochet)

ch 4, join to form ring.

ch 1, sc in ring, (ch 4, sc in ring) 4 times, ch 4, join to beg ch 1. Bind off